Kandarp – Lead Pharmacist

Profile from STEMNET’s Leading Light series of a new generation of young people using their STEM skills to push the boundaries, and to make the world a better and more exciting place to live.

“When people think of Pharmacy they picture someone behind the counter but my job never involves being stuck in a dispensary.”

Kandarp Thakkar

Kandarp Thakkar is Lead Pharmacist for Admissions and Discharge at the Hammersmith Hospital.

Kandarp’s average day starts with a round of the emergency admissions ward of the hospital advising doctors on what kind of medication to give patients. Kandarp’s job requires a detailed knowledge of thousands of different medications, but for him the best part of the job is the interaction with patients.

He is pictured in an automated dispensary at Hammersmith Hospital.


Profile courtesy of STEMNET
Photography by Richard Cannon