Laurie – Research Scientist

Profile from STEMNET’s Leading Light series of a new generation of young people using their STEM skills to push the boundaries, and to make the world a better and more exciting place to live.

“I knew that I wanted to work in science when at aged five I used my first telescope to see the moon close-up.”

Laurie Winkless

Laurie Winkless is a higher research scientist for the National Physical Laboratory (NPL).
She studied Astrophysics and is working for the European Space Agency on new technological advancements for the space industry.

Laurie is passionate about communicating science to young people: “I’m committed to helping young people, who often see science as a scary subject, see how fun and interesting it is.”

Laurie is pictured outside the University of London’s observatory.


Profile courtesy of STEMNET
Photography by Richard Cannon