Luke – Mechanical Engineer

Profile from STEMNET’s Leading Light series of a new generation of young people using their STEM skills to push the boundaries, and to make the world a better and more exciting place to live.

“People often have a very limited idea of engineering as a career, they don’t realise the fantastic opportunities and the variety of work.”

Luke Fowler

Luke Fowler is a mechanical engineer at Allen Gears in Worcestershire which makes giant industrial gear boxes for everything from oil, gas and power generation to marine propulsion in ships. Luke designs and tests the gearboxes which cost up to half a million pounds each.

He recently mentored a local student who won the Young Technologist of the Year Award 2009.

Luke is pictured inside a two metre high gearbox casing destined for a hydro power station in Brazil.
Profiles courtesy of STEMNET
Photography by Richart Cannon