Shanom – Microbiologist

Profile from STEMNET’s Leading Light series of a new generation of young people using their STEM skills to push the boundaries, and to make the world a better and more exciting place to live.

“I am interested in microbiology because identifying bacteria is a highly technical process and a real mental challenge – I like the nitty gritty.”  -Shanom Ali

Microbiologist Shanom Ali is about to finish a ground-breaking thesis on microbiology investigating the risks to human beings of processing recyclable waste. His work is vital in making sure we can continue to recycle safely.

Shanom is working on a screening project for the deadly MRSA bacteria. He has also been a consultant on the ‘How Clean is Your House?’ TV series.

Shanom is pictured at a Materials Reclamation Facility in Northamptonshire where paper, card, plastic and cans are sorted for recycling.

Profile courtesy of STEMNET
Photography by Richard Cannon