Omowunmi – Process Technologist

If you would like to work in the food industry but are not sure which route to choose, check out what Omowunmi does on a daily basis. Maybe a career as a Process Technologist is food for thought…

What attracted you to this job?

I enjoy working with young people, I have the skills and qualification in Food and I like a challenge.

What does your typical day involve?

As a Process Technologist, it is varied but includes, Allergen risk assessment, Sieving risk assessment, HACCP, Temperature Validation, Raw material risk assessment, Internal Audits, HACCP Audits, Document control, and Post launch review…just to mention a few!

What gives you the most job satisfaction?

Completing a task, seeing it through to the end and it being successful

Tell us more about your environment in terms of work-life balance

I lead quite a busy life. I have a young family which keeps me on my toes. I am a member of a mother and baby club, a teacher in the children’s church, a member of IFST, a member of Toastmasters, and I am also an author and coach!

How did you get to where you are today?

I completed an ND in Food technology followed by a HND in Food technology. After this I studied for an MSc in Food Quality & Control. My first & second food jobs were as an intern in a company called Leventis Meat Processing Factory in Nigeria for 3 months and then a West African Milk Company for a year in Nigeria. My first UK job was in Derby as a Microbiology Laboratory Technician for 3 months, then as a Technical Assistant in a family owned bakery in Enfield, Quality Auditor at another bakery in Walthamstow, Quality Assurance Auditor in a Pizza Company in Harrow and I am currently a Process Technologist in one of the largest food manufacturing companies in London that supplies to major retailers.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of following your path?

Diligence and Patience = Success.

How well is your job compensated? What is the starting salary for someone in your field, and how much can this be expected to rise?

The starting salary is about £18,000 per annum rising to more than £60,000 in management level.

What kind of hobbies or extracurricular activities do you do to relax?

I love spending time with my family doing anything and everything! Our favourite things to do at the moment include playing golf, going to the cinema and window shopping!

Have there been any embarrassing moments?

Yes, we all have our moments; my first swimming lesson comes to mind.