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If you haven’t decided what to do when you are older, it’s always best to keep your options wide open. Studying science and maths will give you an excellent foundation for the largest possible range of subjects.

A good knowledge of science and maths will mean you could go on to science based subjects like engineering, electronics and environmental science. It will also prepare you for all sorts of jobs like law, accountancy or business.

Grow your future

Biology is the science that explores every single thing that lives on this planet. Biologists investigate how living things interact with each other and their environment – from tiniest single cells, to whales swimming in our oceans. The science includes the study of plants (botany), animals (zoology), humans (physiology and anatomy), medicines (pharmacology), genetics and microbiology.

Expand your horizons

Chemistry is all about the materials that make up the world around us. Everything that lives on the planet will go through chemical changes. Chemists explore these changes by looking at the structure and the physical and chemical properties of materials like metals, crystals and atoms.

Launch your life

Physics helps us understand how the world around us, and even the universe, behaves. Physicists explore forces in space and time, matter and motion, often looking for answers to the ‘big’ questions in nature like what makes the earth turn, and what is beyond the universe.

Shape your prospects

Maths is not just about adding and subtracting. It’s part of just about everything; from calculation, measurement and the study of shapes and motion of objects, to the science of patterns in numbers, space and computers. Maths is used in lots of jobs including science, medicine, business and the social sciences.

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