GCSE science options

GCSEs enable you to progress either directly to employment or to further education. Your opportunities for further study will depend on how well you do at GCSE.

Your teachers will be able to inform you of what options are available and will help you decide what is best for you. However, you must take either:

1. Core Science GCSE*

In addition to Core Science you should also take:

  • Additional General Science GCSE,¬†or
  • GCSE Science and is designed for students with an interest in science, and those who are preparing for vocational courses after 16. It focuses on the knowledge and skills required by real scientists in their work.


2. Biology, Chemistry and Physics (as three separate GCSEs)


3. Applied Science Double Award (worth two GCSEs)

*If you think you may want to study one or more sciences after your GCSEs, or to pursue a career that is in any way science related, it is advisable not to take only Core Science as this could limit your options.

A good grade in Maths GCSE is also important if you want to study any of the sciences at a higher level.

There are many routes available to you after you have finished your GCSEs, whether you decide to continue in education or begin working.

But remember: taking science and maths will open up a variety of career options for your future providing you with skills that will make you very employable.