S Grade science options

Standard grades enable you to progress either directly to employment or to further education. Your opportunities for further study will depend on how well you do in these exams.

In Scotland, you must take at least one of the following Standard grades*:


  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • General Science (combines biology, physics and chemistry).

However, if you wish to follow a career that is in any way science-related, you should take at least two science subjects from biology, physics or chemistry. If you take just one science Standard grade your options for many careers using science may be limited.

A good grade in maths is also important if you want to study any of the sciences at a higher level.

*All these subjects are offered at Credit and General level. In addition General Science is also offered at Foundation level.

There are many routes available to you after you have finished your Standard grades, whether you decide to continue in education or begin working.

But remember: taking science will open up a variety of career options for your future providing you with skills that will make you very employable.