Even the best applications can be unsuccessful BUT keep at it and you will eventually get an interview. So, how to prepare?

The arrangements and style of interview could vary widely. There may be a panel who are briefed to ask questions designed to discover your competence in areas that will usually have been communicated to you in the information pack. As with your application, be prepared with examples and be ready to discuss what happened, the outcome and your learning from the experience. At the other end of the scale, you may meet just one person in a less formal, chattier setting.

Although the range of possible interview types and, even more, questions is huge, the interviewer is looking for information about your:

  • Motivation
  • Understanding of the role
  • Skills, abilities and technical knowledge
  • Previous relevant experiences and achievements
  • Leisure activities

The interview is a two way process, though it may not feel like it. It is your opportunity to find out more about the organisation or educational institution, building on the research you have already done. However, you do need to have done the research, you need to finish the interview on a high note – asking naïve questions will do the opposite and show that you haven’t done enough background work.

Remember that the initial impression that you make is very important and so body language and dress are key elements of that. You will need to dress smartly and in a business like manner.