References for job applications

When applying for a job, you will usually be asked to provide the details of two referees, one academic and one work related. Sometimes a character referee will be requested. If possible, try and get a work-related reference from an employer in the same area of work you are applying for.

Ask permission from the people you want to use, and tell them about what you want to achieve. If you don’t want to use the manager you worked for (in work experience or a part-time job, for example), look for someone else in the company who is in a position of authority.

References for higher education applications

A UCAS application cannot be processed without a reference. If you are at school or college, your referee will be your head teacher, principal or ‘appropriate teacher or tutor’. Your institution will have identified people to take on this task. If you have left school your referee could be your employer (personnel or training officer for example), a teacher on a recent education course or a senior colleague in employment or voluntary work. As with your personal statement, there is space for 47 lines of text.