What is it like to be a scientist?

When you think of a scientist what image comes into your head? Is it that of an old professor in a lab coat and safety glasses with wild graying hair?

Stephen Curry has been out and about to try to change this view of scientists. He met with and interviewed six different scientists at different stages of their careers to find out what they really think about science, their job and what made them take up a career in science. By bringing these scientists to life, we hope that you will see what scientists are really like.

If you enjoy this film check out Stephen’s webpage with interesting websites for you to visit  find out more information on careers in science and maths, and about being a scientist.

For those of you who may recognise Stephen, he was one of the winner’s of ‘I’m A Scientist, Get me out of here’ in 2010 and used his competition winnings to create this video. The ‘I’m A Scientist’ project is an X-Factor style competition for scientists, where students are the judges. Students can ask scientists any questions that they may have about their career, qualifications, work life balance, hobbies…anything really! This project enables young people to have their science questions answered directly by scientists so if you’ve not been involved before – sign up this year!