Follow your favourite subject

Have you always had a favourite subject at school but are not sure where it can take you? Studying science, engineering and maths can lead to a whole range of careers in a large variety of areas from small companies to global organisations, working indoors or outdoors at a variety of levels. Search through these subject-specific pages to see where each subject can take you and hear directly from people already working in their chosen field having followed their favourite subject.


People will always require healthy food, novel medicines, clean water, sensibly-produced crops, and fuel that is carbon neutral. Without a work force well trained in the biological sciences, none of this will happen. Pursuing a career in biology is stimulating and rewarding. Whether you are an indoor or outdoor type, a solo performer or a team player, interested in plants, animals or people – there are options for everyone with an interest in biology, and rewarding career opportunities for those deciding to study biology at school or university.

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A chemistry qualification could open doors to all sorts of jobs that you may have never even imagined! The food we eat, the clothes we wear and the technology we use all depend on chemistry. Chemists develop new medicines, safeguard our food supply and monitor and protect our environment. Read on to find out how a chemistry qualification could set you on track towards your future.

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A physics qualification opens the doors to all sorts of jobs and courses. All the technology that surrounds us is based on the principles of physics, so if you are considering working in any area related to technology from music to medicine, or lasers to law – studying physics is an essential first step.

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The word ‘engineering’ is likely to make you think of things like shipbuilding, ‘engineering works’ on the railway lines, or perhaps the mechanic that services or repairs your washing machine or car. You probably have an image in your mind of a person wearing blue overalls and possibly a yellow hard hat? Am I right? Well, maybe not, but in reality, engineering covers a far wider range of businesses and industries; not only building and transport structures, but also jobs in food, cosmetics, medicine and much more. Engineers work in all kinds of environments. Yes, there are still many jobs in traditional engineering sectors, but engineers are just as likely to work in offices, in laboratories or studios, outdoors, in the air (think aerospace!) or even underground.

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Saving lives, making video games and exploring the secrets of the universe – it’s all in a day’s work for a mathematician. As a mathematician you could help develop techniques for clearing land mines, work as an animator or programmer on the hottest films and video games, or even try to figure out the shape of the universe. For more down-to-earth careers, mathematical skills can help you bake the perfect cake, become an interior designer and open your own hair salon.

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