Careers from Biology

People will always require healthy food, novel medicines, clean water, sensibly-produced crops, and fuel that is carbon neutral. Without a work force well trained in the biological sciences, none of this will happen.

Pursuing a career in biology is stimulating and rewarding. Whether you are an indoor or outdoor type, a solo performer or a team player, interested in plants, animals or people – there are options for everyone with an interest in biology, and rewarding career opportunities for those deciding to study biology at school or university.

From treetops to ocean trenches, ecosystems to organ systems and dinosaurs to DNA- Biology is the study of life. It’s an exciting time to be a Biologist. Biologists are working to solve the biggest challenges currently faced by people and the planet – fighting disease, protecting the environment and feeding our growing population. You will find biologists working all over the world in almost every setting imaginable: in research laboratories, hospitals, offices, classrooms, factories, boats, airplanes, submarines, museums, jungles, deserts, forests, caves, treetops, cliffs, frozen tundra…

Some of the most innovative and exciting work in science occurs at the boundaries where biological knowledge is combined with techniques from chemistry, physics, engineering and maths.

Biochemistry – Investigating the chemical processes of life, combining biology with chemistry to study organisms at the molecular and cellular level.

Biomaths and Computational Biology – Using mathematical techniques to solve biological problems.

Biotechnology – Combining biology with chemistry and engineering to create new biology based technologies.

Biophysics – Using the laws of physics to better understand movement and structure and answer biological questions.

Bioengineering – Combining biological knowledge with engineering and design to produce new and innovative products.

Useful organisations:

Biochemical Society
British Ecological Society
British Pharmacological Society 
Physiological Society
Society for Endocrinology
Society for Experimental Biology
Society for General Microbiology
Society of Biology

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