Careers from Engineering

What is engineering? What do engineers do and what do all the different types of engineering mean? More importantly, would you like it and where can you find out more?

The word ‘engineering’ is likely to make you think of things like shipbuilding, ‘engineering works’ on the railway lines, or perhaps the mechanic that services or repairs your washing machine or car. You probably have an image in your mind of a person wearing blue overalls and possibly a yellow hard hat? Am I right? Well, maybe not, but in reality, engineering covers a far wider range of businesses and industries; not only building and transport structures, but also jobs in food, cosmetics, medicine and much more.

Engineers work in all kinds of environments. Yes, there are still many jobs in traditional engineering sectors, but engineers are just as likely to work in offices, in laboratories or studios, outdoors, in the air (think aerospace!) or even underground.

And many of these jobs don’t involve wearing overalls or hard hats. Engineering today is closely linked with technology and many engineering roles now rely heavily on technological devices and the most recent technological advances. As an engineer you could be designing colour-matching technology to determine the best makeup for different skin tones, working as part of a team on a project to improve the performance of artificial hip joints and the perks of a job in food may include tasting the chocolate prior to production!

Where can you find out about engineering?

This list of websites is a good starting point for exploring the opportunities and the different types; mechanical, chemical, civil, aeronautical…

Tomorrow’s Engineers – Website covering engineering careers information and enhancement and enrichment activities.

IET – Becoming an engineer – The Institution of Engineering and Technology pages have information on the different types of engineering.  Be sure to explore the Faraday interactive material as well for an inspiring look at real engineering.

Apprenticeships – Looking for a job that includes learning or wish to gain further qualifications? If so, then Apprenticeships might be the right route for you.

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