Biomedical engineering careers New

Eight young engineers have described their latest career progressions to give a fresh insight into being a biomedical engineer. Released by the Royal Academy of Engineering Panel for Biomedical Engineering, the case studies collectively describe what it is like to work in a wide range of biomedical engineering domains, from being a clinical engineer to software engineer to patent attorney.

These case studies may help you to consider a career in biomedical engineering as a path that offers many varied opportunities as well as being highly rewarding.

Engineering is at the heart of society, underpinning and continually improving the quality of our lives. The Royal Academy of Engineering brings together the country’s most eminent engineers from all disciplines to promote excellence and support the engineering performance of the UK.

Biomedical engineering creates new medical technologies and systems that can greatly improve patient care and quality of life. The Panel for Biomedical Engineering is the Academy’s forum for this increasingly important area of engineering in which the UK is taking a lead.

For more information have a look at the Royal Academy of Engineering’s website.

The eight career profiles are available to download below.