Careers from Engineering

Engineers use the knowledge they have in a specific field to make things work and to solve problems. Engineers exist in all walks of life: transport, medicine, entertainment, space exploration, environmental management – you name it, engineers have worked on it.

Engineering is behind everything! It is used in construction, transport, cosmetics, medicine, food and fashion to name but a few!

Engineers can work in a wide range of settings and locations, from offices to laboratories, and film studios to underground. Engineering is only going to increase as our world continues to grow and expand with the need for improved rail networks and building services for a start. Engineering is closely linked with technology and plays a major role in many technological devices and advances. You may even be reading this webpage through your mobile phone which is all thanks to engineers.

Some engineers are more specialist than others – for example, non-destructive testing – but many are very multi-disciplinary – robotics or materials development. Because technology is always moving on, engineers often change or widen their specialism during their careers, as well as their job roles. This is one of the reasons engineers enjoy their jobs so much! Studying engineering is also great general education and unemployment among professional engineers and scientists is among the lowest of any sector in the country. The roles we have covered here are just a snapshot of the many areas that you could consider as an engineer. Visit the case studies section on the Tomorrows Engineer’s website for more information about jobs in engineering.

As an engineer you could be designing colour-matching technology to determine the best makeup for different skin tones or working as part of a team to improve the performance of artificial hip joints. The perks of a job in the food industry may include tasting the chocolate prior to production!


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