Experiencing engineering – Roshni

I heard about The Smallpeice Trust through a day in our school where some course organisers came in and invited students to apply for courses.

To date I have attended the Materials Technology course at the University of Oxford and Nuclear Engineering at the University of Manchester.

Our project in Oxford entailed ‘The Egg Project’; we were told that a satellite known as ‘the egg satellite’ was going to be taken out of orbit and we were told to design a container for it, with certain criteria, to ensure a safe landing on return to the Earth. We were then given different materials and money, and on the final day we tested the effectiveness of our prototype containers, using an egg as a replacement for the satellite. In Manchester we had to design a solution to the problem of radioactive sludge at the bottom of a cooling pool at a nuclear facility. We had to design a way to remove the sludge from the pond safely and without poisoning engineers.

I enjoyed the design and make projects which were fun and really interesting; I liked the opportunity to try and imagine ways to solve the problems they gave us. I enjoyed the socialising elements in both courses – I made friends who I still talk to now.

I had never really thought about engineering before I went on the courses, but it’s something I’m thinking about going into now. It’s definitely an option as the way they showed engineering as being such an interesting career; there are a lot of elements in it such as problem solving and the actual science of engineering which I find really interesting.

I would recommend The Smallpeice Trust as I really enjoyed the courses and they helped me to think about what I might do when I’m older and I’ve applied for two more courses in July; Biomedical Science at the University of Southampton and Sustainable Energy Challenge at the University of Newcastle.

Roshni – age 17

If you’re interested in trying a taster course yourself visit: www.smallpeicetrust.org.uk