Is engineering a well paid job?

Engineering is a very rewarding career giving you the chance to work with likeminded individuals on complex projects to solve real problems for society.

Engineers make a real difference to the world. Over the next few years engineers will find the solutions to a number of global problems – clean water, renewable energy, coastal protection. Engineers shape our lifestyles. They are the forefront of developing new medical solutions and new communications technologies.

Pay is also better than you might expect and coupled with the long-term stability and professional registration, engineering offers an excellent career package. In engineering there’s something for everyone. See the professional registration page on the Tomorrow’s Engineers website for more information about professional recognition (registration).

On average, professional engineers can expect to earn more than £10,000 per year over and above the national average salary. The prospects for employment and progression are also positive. A large proportion of engineering and technology (E&T) graduates end up working in E&T careers. Employment rates (those who enter full-time, paid employment after leaving university) for E&T graduates in 2007 were increasing annually and stood way above average at 62%. Unemployment rates for this same group were below 10%. Research carried out in 2006 showed that 14 % of FTSE-100 top executives were qualified engineers.

What are you waiting for? Have a look at the websites below for more information on careers in engineering, speak to your school and careers adviser, and if you can try to take up some relevant work experience to help you decide which area of engineering you would like to work in. For more information on work experience in engineering click here.


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