Rachel – Process Development Manager

I took the phrase ‘like a kid in a candy store’ when I was a student literally and I now work as Process Development Manager for Cadbury. I spend a lot of time in the factory and the company’s pilot plant, and get to enjoy tasting new chocolates before anyone else does!

Wanting a job where I could apply science and see a practical outcome, I completed a degree in chemical engineering, which gave good grounding in logical thinking, basic scientific and engineering principles and gave an excellent platform to choose from a wide variety of careers.

Now at Cadbury for the past 5 years, I develop the processes for making new confectionery products and optimise existing ones.  I enjoy the wide range of products with which I work and have the opportunity to pursue new ideas. I have no regrets about my choice of career or company. But I worked hard to get where I am – the advice I would give to others is what I have followed myself: work hard to get good exam results, try and get some work experience and pursue activities not related to your subject where you can demonstrate other skills, such as influencing and leadership.

To decide if a career is right for you make a list of all the things you enjoy doing or would want from a career (e.g. travel, money, status, work life balance etc.) and then talk to people pursuing this career to see how it meets your expectations.

Now I have the simplest but most rewarding opportunity to see people buy and enjoy the products I have worked on.