Matt – Speech & language processing researcher

Matt is currently studying for an MSc in Speech and language processing at the University of Edinburgh.

It is an area he never expected to go into after his maths degree, but he says that “It seemed like the perfect area for me, combining mathematics with technology and linguistics. Previously I was interested in working in the space industry, but I changed my mind on that. I spoke to some people in Cambridge working in computational linguistics to find out more about the area and doing research. They recommended the course in Edinburgh and so I went for it”.

His next steps are to go onto do a PhD in Cambridge, on the topic of statistical dialogue systems. Within this area Matt will be carrying out research into computer programmes that you can have a conversation with, so he’ll be looking at the application of statistics and probability theory to this problem. Following this, Matt intends to continue his research, either in an academic setting or in industry.

If you can relate to this profile and feel like this is an area you could really see yourself working in in the future, then check out Matt’s full career profile on the Maths Careers website at the link below.