Put your Maths and Science qualifications to use with a digital career

When it comes to Science and Maths qualifications it can be easy to just think about the standard career options available like lab work, medicine and economics but there is more to them than that – especially in this day and age! How about a career in the fast-paced digital industry? Hang on a second… surely Maths and Science are pretty useless when it comes to a digital career compared to things like IT and Business, right? Wrong!

The great thing about the digital industry is that it’s so huge – it’s a bit like a massive galaxy with loads of different niche areas and planets to explore. It’s also extremely fast-paced and evolving thanks to new technology which means that it’s a pretty exciting place to be if you like the idea of working in a dynamic, cutting-edge environment.

OK, so when it comes to things like web design and development, qualifications in things like Art and IT are always going to be needed but the digital sector isn’t just about design and development – Maths and Science qualifications have a place in the digital industry too! Thanks to the key skills required to bag a Maths or Science GCSE or A-Level, you’ll already be a step ahead of the rest when it comes to making a name for yourself in the digital sector.

We’ll start with Maths. If you’re pretty good with numbers, a career in e-Commerce could be the perfect option. From things like Analytics (working out how much traffic a website has had, where that traffic has come from and where visitors have gone on a website) to things like Affiliate Marketing (which is all to do with working with outside partners to drive traffic to your website), there are loads of different things you could turn your hand to should you be smart enough to get a Maths qualification under your belt. Other great digital options which tie in perfectly with Maths qualifications include CRM (Customer Relationship Management), Media Planning (planning media and advertising campaigns for top-name clients) and Project Management (managing a project and either in-house or external teams from start to finish).

OK, next up it’s time to look at what kind of things you might be able to do if you’ve got the brains to get a decent Physics, Biology, Chemistry or generic Science qualification on your CV. First up, a Science qualification means you’ll have the perfect core skills to bag a great job in something like Insights (a bit like a psychic, you’ll look at industry patterns to try and work out the next big thing), eGaming (designing and developing social games, online games and video games) and Pay-per-Click (a form of online advertising). Sound interesting? A Science qualification means you’re also qualified for a career in other areas of the digital sector including Quality Assurance, Mobile Apps Development and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).

So there you have it; Science and Maths are far from dull and could be the perfect backdrop for a career in the ever-changing digital sector. Want to investigate your digital potential? Take a look at the Digital Career Portal. This site has been designed to help you work out which digital career is right for you and has some really great digital job guides to help you cut through the jargon and work out what’s what when it comes to working in the digital sector.