CEIAG resource pack

The rapid changes underway in the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) labour market means there is a constant demand for new educational resources.

This pack is written by careers professionals and teachers working in schools and includes suggestions for ways to broaden students’ understanding of the options open to them as well as challenging preconceptions and prejudices.

Teachers, tutors and advisors can make a real difference to STEM careers awareness. This pack can support a variety of tasks, including:

  • Developing STEM careers awareness
  • Checking knowledge and understanding of learning routes and progression possibilities
  • Understanding the starting points and challenges in a school/learning network
  • Collaborating with STEM departments to raise visibility of STEM subjects and careers
  • Building up knowledge of local agencies and initiatives
  • Motivating and engaging young people
  • Challenging stereotypes

More than just good advice, the pack also provides links to the widest range of resources already in existence.


  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    The importance of STEM and the contribution of careers education and IAG.
  • Chapter 2: Current and Future Trends
    The International Perspective
  • Chapter 3: Learning Routes and Pathways
    Keeping future options open by choosing STEM
  • Chapter 4: Equality and Diversity
    Promoting STEM education and careers in a positive way to encourage under represented groups to see the benefits of STEM options.
  • Chapter 5: Where’s the Money?
    Illustrating the earning potential of STEM careers.
  • Chapter 6: STEM Careers Starters and Plenaries
    Resources and activities to stimulate awareness of STEM careers.
  • Chapter 7: Industry Focus
    Spotlight on key STEM industries and regional round up, including case studies available to download below.
    • The UK Space Industry (Chapter 7.10)
    • The UK Nuclear Power Industry (Chapter 7.20)
    • The UK Renewable Energy Industry (Chapter 7.30)
    • The UK Maritime Industry (Chapter 7.40)
    • The UK Pharmaceutical Industry (Chapter 7.50)
    • The UK Food Science and Technology Industry (Chapter 7.60)
    • The UK Construction/Built Environment Sector (Chapter 7.70)
  • Chapter 8: Organising STEM Events
    Overview of enhancement and enrichment activities, with links to organisations that deliver inspiring projects.
  • Chapter 9: Websites and Source of Information
    Sources of references and websites, including Sector Skills Councilsa.
  • Chapter 10: Appendices


The full report can be downloaded below, with the individual chapters available on subsequent pages.

This pack has been developed on behalf of the Department for Education(DfE) by Babcock Education and Training and the Centre for Science Education as part of the STEM Subject Choice and Careers project. We welcome further feedback to inform the updates and supplements to this pack. To get in touch, or to register for update alerts and information on other project resources, please contact CSE at Sheffield Hallam University: info@careersinstem.co.uk or 0114 225 4870/ 4677

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