Chapters 7&8

Chapters 7 & 8 of a resource pack for careers education and information, advice and guidance practitioners.

Chapter 7

Industry Focus: Spotlight on key STEM industries, including case studies

The Stem Choices pack hones in on critical STEM industries, including:

  • Space (Chapter 7.10)
  • Nuclear Power (Chapter 7.20)
  • Renewable Energy (Chapter 7.30)
  • Maritime (Chapter 7.40)
  • Pharmaceutical (Chapter 7.50)
  • Food Science and Technology (Chapter 7.60)
  • Construction and the Built Environment (Chapter 7.70)


Chapter 8

Organising STEM Events: Stimulating activities, with links to organisations who deliver inspiring projects

Enhancement and enrichment activities can have a powerful effect on young people’s learning and career development. The Stem Choices pack provides:

  • Examples of schemes and activities provided by organisations that aim to enhance and enrich the curriculum. The activities offer a fun and stimulating opportunity for students to see the relevance of their studies to the world of work and to involve industry in its widest sense.
  • Links to STEM Directories with comprehensive information on contacts and activities. These directories are now available online and offer a gateway to the wide range of activities and materials that can be used with different age ranges and within differing curriculum contexts.