Chapters 9&10

Chapters 9 & 10 of a resource pack for careers education and information, advice and guidance practitioners.

Chapter 9

Where To Find More Information: Sources of references and websites, including Sector Skills Councils, and finding out about your local area

This section offers a gateway to accessing key information relating to STEM subject choice, career pathways, and resources. The content is not intended to be exhaustive, but aims to save you time by pinpointing sites that will provide the most stimulating and relevant STEM information.


Chapter 10

STEM Supply and Demand Research: A review of supply and demand issues relating to STEM subject choice, and research into the STEM labour market

The supply and demand issues relating to graduates in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics ( STEM) disciplines have been a matter of concern since numbers began to drop in the 1990s. Uptake of the physical sciences, chemistry and mathematics has proved to be of especial concern. These supply and demand issues have resulted in a raft of policy initiatives and strategies by Government and other interested parties to reverse the decline.

This chapter is a review of the currently available literature that identifies supply and demand issues relating to STEM. It looks at societal and other factors that influence subject and career choice and offers a comprehensive overview of strategies relating to the promotion of STEM.

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