Science Council Resources

LARGEsciencecouncil_logo_rgbLARGEThe Science Council, who run Future Morph, have a stream of work looking at the scientific workforce, identifying where and how science skills are used across the economy, and challenging the perception that studying science only leads to a traditional “scientist” job – one that involves a white coat and a PhD. Obviously this isn’t true. Some students will want to go into these sorts of roles, but for others the very mention of such an environment is enough to put them off studying science forever! This is where the Science Council’s workforce research comes in.

There are three main components of the work, all of which can be used to help advise students on a future career in science:

  • The 10 Type of Scientist. This resource really challenges common perceptions of what a “scientist” is, looking beyond academia and research. Great for demonstrating how diverse science jobs can be.
  • A list of the 100 Leading UK Scientists (2013). A fantastic source of case studies, 10 for each type of scientist and nominated by our member bodies.
  • A report on the Current and Future UK Scientific Workforce. Helpful for looking at qualification levels, wages, and geographical distribution of people using science skills in the UK workforce, as well as identifying key areas of growth, showing how science and maths can be used across the whole economy.

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