The following organisations and individuals are credited with contributions to aspects of the production of Future Morph.

Web design:



National STEM Centre

Branding and site design:

Love Creative

Who might you be?, Globe Plotter:

Milo Creative

Quiz the Scientist:

Three Monkeys, Black Dog Production

Science within Work teaching resources:

4Science, Richard Needham


(including posters and Science within Work pack)
Sue Bush

Applying Science teaching resources

Lesson plans:
Nuffield Foundation
Practical Physics activities, David Sang, courtesy of Institute of Physics
Practical Biology activities, Carol Levick, courtesy of Society of Biology
Practical Chemistry activities, Emma Palmer, courtesy of Royal Society of Chemistry
Supporting information:
CoHesion Career Development Consultancy, Brian Cairns and Ruth Wright
Anna Grayson, production and direction
Bob Walters, direction and filming
Phil Stopford and Twofour Digital Ltd, post production
Bicton College
City & Islington College
City College Plymouth
Exeter College
Sungift Solar
Additional footage WaterAid