Hamied, Heather, Karen, Sarah and Nancy New

Left to right: Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, Karen Fuller, Sarah Skeoch, Heather Williams, Hamied Haroon Location: PETCT Suite, Wolfson Molecular Imaging Centre, University of Manchester Photographer: Naomi Goggin Image © Naomi Goggin/ScienceGrrl Please do not use this image on other sites without the permission of ScienceGrrl (sciencegrrlUK@gmail.com)Hamied Haroon, PhD, is a postdoctoral research associate at University of Manchester. He uses magnetic resonance imaging to work out how the healthy human brain is “wired together”. He is hoping to make history by organising the UK’s first national conference of disabled university employees at Manchester University in June 2013.

Heather Williams, PhD, is a medical physicist at Central Manchester University Hospitals. She uses her scientific knowledge to make sure nuclear medicine imaging equipment is safe to use, so that doctors can trust what they see. In her spare time she directs ScienceGrrl, runs, and enjoys being with her two sons.

Karen Fuller, MSc, is a medical physicist and radiation protection adviser in hospitals around South Yorkshire. She makes sure the X-rays and lasers that are used are safe for everyone, and patients get lower doses of radiation. In her spare time Karen is training to be a local preacher, and enjoys red wine.

Sarah Skeoch is a medical doctor and currently studying for a PhD in translational medicine at University of Manchester. By using MRI and PET scans, she investigates how inflammation affects the arteries in patients with rheumatoid arthritis, hoping to find a way to reduce the rate of heart attacks and strokes in patients with arthritis. In her spare time she is a cheerleader for GB’s tennis star Andy Murray.

Professor Dame Nancy Rothwell, PhD, is President and Vice-Chancellor of University of Manchester, serves on a number of national bodies and gives advice to the Prime Minister on Science and Technology. Her research group is currently working on a potential new treatment for stroke. She also has a weakness for dark chocolate and shopping.