Technology in medicine

Have you ever wondered how technology is used in healthcare? How drugs are developed? How biomaterials can be used to improve human health? These two video case studies should help you to answer all of these questions!


The two videos below are short clips that will talk you through the tasks and jobs that each of the individuals carry out on a daily basis in order to fulfil their roles. Click on the links to view the case studies in full, and find our for yourself if this is an area that you would like to work in in the future.


Biomaterials scientist

Chloe is a biomaterials scientist working at the Cambridge Centre for Medical Materials. In this video, Chloe explains what biomaterials are, where they can be found, and how they can be used in clinical applications to improve human health.

Click here to view this case study.


Medical chemist

This case study highlights the role of a medical chemist working for Cancer Research Technology. Teamwork is essential in this role to work together designing and developing drugs that may be used to treat cancer.

Click here to view this case study.




These videos were kindly provided by Nelson Thornes – a leading UK publisher of Science, Mathematics and Design & Technology resources.