Business & Industry

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Now isn’t exactly the time to be opting for a career in a city bank. Well, that’s only one aspect of business and industry, and I’ll bet there are lots of careers here that you have never heard of.

Infrastructure (roads, railways, buildings and the like) and planning (working out how it all runs safely and smoothly) are two of the buzz words here. For this area you’ll need generic skills like creativity, logic, problem solving, data analysis and numeracy. But it’s not all about building things up, dismantling and making safe are just as important – as are the design and sustainability aspects which means thinking about the environment and looking at multiple uses of our space for all sections of the community. There are lots of engineers and scientists involved in this process but the understanding of how mathematics and science with can be applied to all our lives with positive effect is just as crucial.

Business and selling products to consumers are tightly linked. Product development starts with the idea and the design (and there are engineers, scientists and mathematicians involved in this stage in spades) but it quickly moves on to the marketing and communications aspects – essentially how do you get consumers to believe that they need this product? And that’s where the really clever science comes in; neuroscientists are involved in interpreting our subconscious responses to stimuli and interpreting all this information is big business. Bet you didn’t think those bill boards were influenced by men in white coats? Well it’s likely that they got involved in all sorts right down to the type of chair you’re sitting on and the shop you bought it from. Make it your business to learn more by reading on….

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