Ads that play eye spy

The world of marketing. It’s definitely a ruthless place to be. See when you’ve got a huge client breathing down your neck, it’s all about doing whatever it takes to get consumers to part with their hard earned cash. So we’re now seeing more and more market researchers upping their game. And in ways you would never have thought possible.

How about a poster that has the intelligence to stare right back at you? Freaky? Maybe. Clever? Oh yes.

By investing in eye tracking techniques researchers can see what’s caught the customer’s eye, in what order and for how long. Once designers are let in on this knowledge they can then rejig their layout to make it more effective.
Stretch this system to things like shop displays, and sporting sponsorship and you’ve got a winner on your hands. No question. There’s a lot more to it here:

Raising the volume on this subject is fMRI. That’s short for functional magnetic resonance imaging and it’s all about eavesdropping on consumer’s brain activity. So if the consumer’s brain flashes a recognised emotion after seeing an ad, marketing people will be in the know, as soon as:

The word limitation doesn’t mean anything to these people.

Read more about how technology could tell researchers about the mind of a consumer:
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