Dave’s career profile

From a young age I was always interested in how things worked, when I first got my hands on a PC I couldn’t wait to open it up and see what was going on inside. At that time with the sudden popularization of the internet, I soon found myself with access to both the information and tools I needed to start writing my own software. From then on I was hooked on software development, so a course in Software Engineering was the ideal choice for me. (I went to the University of Ulster and graduated 2005.)

Now, I am working as a Software Engineer in the field of telecommunications. The company I work for (Open Wave) develops carrier grade software that allows mobile phone users to access the internet on their phone. Essentially we give people the ability to be connected anywhere at anytime!

Engineering and Software Engineering, in particular, is an excellent career to follow.

For me engineers make the world go round, they design and develop the tools and products we use every day from roads and bridges to mobiles and computers.

On a daily basis I find myself being challenged. From trying to solve a problem with a software solution, to figuring out how we can integrate that solution into a customer’s environment without impacting existing services. The rewarding part of what I do is that it is exactly what I trained for.