Kevin’s career profile

I am currently working in the field of computer science and as a Senior Lecturer at the University of Ulster. Much of my work however involves close collaboration with electronic engineers. I work with them currently in research about improving the accuracy of indoor location positioning technologies. These are the systems which you can use to pinpoint where a person or an object is actually located within a building.

I studied physics, biology, English and maths in school. If I am honest, the most useful was English. But one should never underestimate the motivation aspect. What I mean is the desire to study a subject and become good at it.

I enjoy the fact that my field is so dynamic. Very few can correctly guess the next disruptive technologies. Some interesting projects which I have worked on lately include: designing an interactive 3D game for new first year students providing them with a 3D interactive model of the University campus, and a child monitoring system whereby children were tagged with long-range and short-range RFID tags.

I have also used steganography methods to hide personal or sensitive data in photo images on ID cards. Steganography is the art of hiding information in a digital medium.

Also, I was developing a standard mains operated light switch that could be operated via Bluetooth or infra-red from a mobile phone. And, although there is more I have been involved with, I have worked on the development of an outdoor Urban Gaming ‘Treasure Hunt’ location based on a Radio Frequency ID wireless wide area gaming framework for a Games company.