Michael’s career profile

First of all I did a B-Tech Diploma and Higher National Diploma straight out of school which whetted my appetite for university. With the diploma you actually get a transfer into the degree programme, so that’s how I got into the idea of doing a computer science degree.

I was at Connextions Software in London for eight years, and then I started looking around for new work. I started chatting to a recruitment agent, who said, ‘Oh yeah, I’ve got this company who are sort of into what you’re into: music and technology. They do a recognition service where you hold up your phone to a song and they text you back.’ And I said, ‘I know who that is it’s Shazam’, and he said ‘I can’t possibly tell you who it is’… so I said, ‘well, it’s Shazam, I want to work there, please’ – and well enough, he got me an interview.

I went for the interview and immediately met some very, very smart people and also people who are really passionate about music – so I thought this the sort of place I want to work.

We write the application for their phones often before the phones are released (we have phones under lock and key that are not released yet. I’m doing a whole range of different jobs at the moment: I’m doing CD ripping: actually taking a CD of music and transcoding that into formats we can do the recognition on.

As I am a DJ part time, the idea of music and technology is a really cool thing for me. It covers the two areas I’m really into.