Stephen’s career profile

I’ve always been a big fan of computer games, thanks primarily to my father’s interest in technology. When I was 13, I started learning HTML so that I could produce a website for an online gaming community that I had founded with my friends. I found the static nature of html to be quite limiting, so I decided to teach myself PHP with the help of a book and the internet. I enjoyed programming, so when the time came to decide on a career path it was fairly obvious that games programming would be ideal for me.

I studied A-Level maths, physics and IT along with geography to AS-level at the sixth form of my secondary school. I came out with a BBCC (respectively), which was more than enough to get me into the University of Teesside on a Computer Games Programming course.

Codemasters is actually my first job in the games industry, and I was lucky enough to get it shortly after finishing at University about a year ago. I was recruited via a third-party games specific recruitment agency who happened to see and like my CV. My CV got me an interview and my portfolio got me the job.

Out of the 60 people who started on my course, about a quarter of those managed to get a degree at the end of it. It’s amazing how many people take up computer games programming with the idea that it’s a doss and you play games all day. In fact I’d say that programming for games is the hardest sort of programming you can do. If you’re passionate about programming, then you’ll find no better place to be than in the games industry. I can’t imagine doing anything else.