Danielle – Quality Technician

Are you a creative person? Would you be interested in a job working in the textile manufacturing industry? Perhaps, like Danielle, you may want a role within the field of colour technology? If so, read on – this may be your dream career right here!

What attracted you to this job?

I was attracted to a career at Camira Fabrics after attending a lecture by Cheryl Kindness at Nottingham Trent University. I wanted to work in a textile manufacturing environment due to my interest in textiles and to develop my technical knowledge.

What does your typical day involve?

A typical day involves colour approval of yarn, a process where we decide if we will accept or reject a yarn based on whether the colour is a good match to our standard.

Alongside colour matching I conduct a range of tests on yarn to ensure each batch meets our specifications. Routine yarn tests include rub fastness, strength and elongation and moisture regain. I also work on numerous continuous improvement projects within colour to support the colour approval process.

What gives you the most job satisfaction?

Knowing that I have done a job to the best of my abilities and being able to resolve quality issues.

What do your friends and family think about your job?

Friends and family think it is exciting that I work within the textile manufacturing industry and are very supportive of my job and career ambitions.

Tell us more about your environment in terms of work-life balance

I work from 8.30am– 5pm Monday to Friday with weekends off . I think its important to have a good work life balance, having a cut-off point from work makes you enjoy your job more when you are there.

How did you get to where you are today? (i.e. qualifications and career route)

I studied a BA Hons in Decorative Arts at Nottingham Trent University specialising in textiles, fashion and colour. I did various textile work placements whilst at university which enabled me to build on existing skills and explore what sort of company/position I would like to apply for when I graduated. By the end of my third year at university I was very interested in colour in textiles, leading me to apply for a colour technology work placement at Camira Fabrics Ltd. Upon completion of the placement I was offered a full time position in the colour technology department.

What advice would you give to someone thinking of following your path?

Use your time at university to explore as many things as possible and make the most of the university facilities while you can. I would recommend selecting a course where you have the option of taking a placement year as the experience will help you make decisions on what you would like to do when you graduate and increase your employability. Put equal emphasis on your maths and science studies when at school/college as you do with the arts – even if you are a creative person you will need these skills in a textile/fashion environment. When I was at school I didn’t pay too much attention to these subjects and I’m regretting that now and having to catch up!

How well is your job compensated? What is the starting salary for someone in your field, and how much can this be expected to rise?

A typical graduate starting salary for a Quality Technician position is £16,000 per annum. Your salary will increase as you gain skills and technical knowledge as you progress within your desired field.

What kind of hobbies or extracurricular activities do you do to relax?

I enjoy socialising with friends, cooking and shopping when I have the time at the weekends. After work I usually relax around the house and unwind from the day.


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