Links to further teaching resources

There are lots of teaching resources available for you within the area of fashion and textiles.

We have given you the links to just some of our favourites below.

You do need to be registered with the National STEM Centre to access these resources via the eLibrary, but this is a simple and free process.

All target age ranges and subjects covered within these activities are listed with individual resources.

  • Fashion Entrepreneur from the Nuffield Foundation – students must schedule jobs in a fashion workshop.
  • Fair Trade Textiles from Practical Action – allows students to question fair trade and sustainable development.
  • Reusing textiles: Waste to wear from Practical Action – students are challenged to design and make a good quality textiles product from some throwaway textiles collected from home or bought from a charity shop.
  • Natural dyes, paints and colours from Planet Science – within these resources, students must devise an experiment for making a natural dye and testing its colour fastness.
  • Product design: Sports shoes from CIEC Promoting Science – these activities deal with the different stages of market research, product design, selection of materials and manufacturing processes in the sports shoe industry.
  • Fibres and fabrics from the Gatsby Science Enhancement Programme – these activities encourage students to test and research the properties of different threads, fabrics and dyes.
  • Engineering Elegance from Playback Schools – the three videos within this series follow an e-textiles challenge to design a dress for teacher and TV presenter Kate Bellingham to wear at the British Engineering Excellence Awards ceremony. These videos follow the process of design and manufacturing, to the unveiling of the dress at the awards ceremony.


If you know of any fashion-related teaching resources that you think we should be mentioning here, why not let us know using the feedback form below.