Mick’s photo diary

Mick is a Technical engineer at Camira Fabrics. Have a look at his photo diary below highlighting his work to see if you would be interested in following in his footsteps.



Name: Mick Coll

Job title: Technical engineer

Qualifications: BSc Chemistry with Natural Sciences and an undergraduate diploma in Computing, as well as an OU course in Environmental Control





Here, Mick is carrying out a series of weight tests on fabrics to ensure that they have been produced to specification.





During this time, Mick must also ensure that other factors such as the number of ends and picks, and the width of the fabric is correct.


To find out more about this type of job have a look at this link.




This photo diary has been produced with the help of Camira Fabrics. For more information on this company and the types of jobs that are available there check out the Camira website here.