Harriet’s photo diary

Future Morph has been working with Camira Fabrics to bring you this photo diary from their Technical Process Manager Harriet. This information highlights the work that Harriet does on a daily basis. Check out the description below and see if you can see yourself working in this area in the future.


Name: Harriet Green

Job title: Technical Process Manager

Qualifications: MA French and English – Edinburgh University, MSc Advanced textile technology – Leeds University



Here a handheld microscope is used to examine fabric samples which have been tested  on the Martindale abrasion test. Fabrics which show excessive wear (3 threads broken) are taken off the machine. If no wear is shown then the sample stays on for a longer period allowing a higher overall result.



A soxhlet test is being carried out which tests the amount of oil within a fabric. This happens by passing chemicals through the fabric which strips any oil or grease and collects it allowing a weight to be taken. A calculation is then performed with the weight to obtain the overall percentage result.

For more information about this job, check out this link.



This photo diary has been produced with the help of Camira Fabrics. For more information on this company and the types of jobs that are available there check out the Camira website here.