Chilled Education

What do most of us reach for if we’re hungry and in a hurry? A pre-packed sandwich, a carton of soup or maybe a prepared salad? By doing this we’re contributing to the UK food industry’s fasting growing retail sector – the chilled food industry. Employing some 60,000 people and producing over 12,000 different products (with new ones developed every day) this site gives careers and other information about the fast moving and dynamic chilled food sector.

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The team at Chilled Education have also produced a number of teacher-deliverable resources with the Design & Technology Association. The three lesson plans and a range of resources for each of four Key Stages (1-4) have been produced by D&T teachers and Chilled Food Association food science professionals. Taking an interactive approach they cover all key aspects of chilled food manufacture from new product development to labelling to hygiene. The lesson plans are designed to be easily adaptable to suit the size and ability of your class and above all aim to bring the subject to life for students of all ages.

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