Suzi New

Location: @Bristol Science Centre Photographer: Naomi Goggin Image © Naomi Goggin/ScienceGrrl Please do not use this image on other sites without the permission of ScienceGrrl ( Gage, MSc, is an epidemiologist currently working towards her PhD at the University of Bristol. She looks at patterns in populations in order to answer questions about health. In her research she examines data to investigate whether there is a link between recreational drug use and mental health problems in teenagers. She draws this data from a resource called Children of the 90s – a large dataset of thousands of local young people (and their parents) from the Bristol area who have been studied by scientists since birth.

She says, “If my findings can go towards helping people with mental health problems, by providing greater understanding about what does and doesn’t contribute to the causes of their condition, I will be very happy.”

Outside of the lab, Suzi is training for the London Marathon and has performed with her band, Glis Glis, at Green Man Festival.