Doing the robot

Heard of Metal Mickey? Chances are you were still a twinkle in your old man’s eyes and missed out on the 80s sitcom. YouTube has the answers if you’ve got the time. If you’ve not got the time Metal Mickey was a robot that pulled its weight around the house by doing daily chores. Nearly 30 years down the line and we can finally have our own version.

Right now you can lay your hands on a robot that vacuums the house, and even one that manicures the lawn. Then there’s one that gives swimming pools a decent once-over. Must be a firm favourite amongst the rich and famous. But these have nothing on the humanoid robots that may one day be able to do everything from clearing tables and washing dishes to picking up laundry and putting it away. The days of getting a rollocking for not cleaning your room will finally be over.

The future is here:

And here:

One robot that will already be on your radar is Asimo. The brainchild of Honda, Asimo blurs the line between useful robots and entertaining robots. Or Entbots as they’re known as. And what’s it got up its sleeve? Well get this. It can respond to its name, can hike up stairs and even serve drinks. If Asimo’s passed you by, these two sites will get you bang up to date:
Careers than involve contact with robotics include being

  • journalist reporting on new innovations in robots to the public
  • politician voting on new laws which may have to be considered when robots are found more often at work

Or you could be involved in developing the robots themselves as:

  • computer hardware engineer creating new pieces of equipment so robots can perform different tasks
  • An electronics engineer creating the tiny electrical components necessary for a robots varied skills
  • design engineer creating new and improving old techniques in robotic research
  • public relations officer liasing between the company and the public about any misapprehensions the public may have with robots in their home
  • press officer releasing new ideas and products to the media
  • patent attorney protecting the company against others using their robotic technology