Andy’s career profile

I am the director of Sim Energy Ltd, an environmental consultancy. As well as running the company, I specialise in providing energy efficiency solutions, especially with a sight on the new building regulations being integrated into the industry at the present time.

I began work as an electrical engineering apprentice and gradually found myself being involved in more general building services areas but then becoming more specifically involved in the science of engineering, especially around statistics. This was of much use to me when I became self employed and could apply those maths skills to various areas of work.

I have now found an area of work within which I would happily spend the rest of my working life developing. Furthermore, being self employed gives me the flexibility and freedom to enjoy the things I do out of work.

Energy and the environment are becoming very high priorities in the boardrooms of more and more companies and associations, and keeping up to date with news and information becomes an interesting challenge. My advice to those who are thinking of getting involved in engineering or in the environment sector is to identify a professional institution and make the most of what they can offer. Groups like CIBSE, IMECHE etc. provide valuable technical material, CPD routes and a link into many useful avenues.