Society & Development

This one may take a bit more explanation. Currently you might be thinking social work and road building and wondering how studying science, technology, engineering and mathematics might help you here. So let’s extend that a bit and spell out what we really mean in this section.

When it comes to road building we probably have enough in this country. In fact here it’s more about improving traffic flow these days than building better roads. But we do have a role in the development of roads and infrastructure to help other countries to make them safer and improve quality of life for our fellow citizens. Apart from working out the where and how to build new roads in the dirt – scientists and engineers are useful people to have about with these decisions – there are plenty of complementary roles: civil servants, fundraisers, aid workers, writers, journalists and teachers who help make development overseas possible.

Not just overseas but in the UK there are plenty of people using and working with science, technology, engineering and mathematics to improve our society; and if you’ve had a browse around the site you may be beginning to realise that science and mathematics influence just about everything these days. Even the people that make the big decisions about how our country develops are finding that they benefit hugely from understanding science and mathematics. Meanwhile we also benefit from being equipped to judge whether we believe what is said on the news and have our say on issues like GM crops, organic v non-organic food, health matters and global warming. Are you curious about careers in this essential area? Read on to find out more….

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