Catherine – Flight controls engineer

Catherine’s road to NASA began at an early age when she was asked in school what she wanted to be when she grew up, and she replied that she wanted to be the first female astronaut. Some of the boys in her class piped up that girls couldn’t be astronauts, but her teacher replied that she could be whatever she wanted to be. From that moment, Catherine decided that she would work hard and do what it would take to follow her dream of working for NASA.

Years later, Catherine mentioned her love of fighter jets, like those in the Top Gun movie, to her maths teacher who recommended that she consider becoming an aerospace engineer. From that point on, she was determined to work for NASA as an aerospace engineer. Catherine knew the path that she needed to follow, so she continued to work hard at her science and maths to prepare her for an engineering degree. Looking back, Catherine believes that she was fortunate to have teachers, many of them female, who were strong in science and maths who really pushed her to do well.

After graduating, Catherine was lucky enough to find a job at NASA Dryden as a flight controls engineer working on high-performance aircraft.

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