Women in Space Database New

The STEM (science, technology, engineering & maths) subjects you study in school can help you on your way to a career in the space industry – whether you want to be an aeronautical engineer or an astronaut. The Telegraph Jobs engineering team have created an online database that looks at some of the incredible women working in the space industry, so you can find out the routes they took from STEM. There are so many possibilities; the choices are endless!

More women are needed in the space industry so we want to inspire YOU to join this exciting and creative field.

You could be working as an engineer to enable missions to take place or supporting the international space station, using highly technical skills or being super creative. In the space industry you don’t just have to sit behind a desk all day; the work can be different each day that comes – one day you might be monitoring a project you are developing on a distant planet, and the next you could be working on drawings for different spacecraft projects. It all depends on the type of role you are interested in and the route you want to take.

The online database is a useful source of information for choosing what you would like to do when you leave school. The database is easy to use; you can look at the historic space missions and the modern marvels of today, or at the different areas the women work in and how they got there. We hope it will help you start to piece together your future goals, motivate you and give you the confidence to achieve your aims, so get exploring the Women In Space Telegraph Jobs database today!

With thanks to the Telegraph & Builtvisible for providing this article