When you think of the word ‘water’ what immediately comes into your mind?

Maybe you think of the water cycle, or perhaps our oceans and seas, or maybe how the water that comes out of our taps at home is made clean and suitable for drinking?

Whatever it is, you are probably not thinking of the careers linked to water that are available. Water covers over 70% of the Earth’s surface and is needed by all forms of life to exist, so it makes sense that there should be a wide range of varied jobs.

From a marine biologist to a flood risk consultant, an ocean modeller to a water resource scientist…there are so many jobs out there – what could you become? The information in the links below will get you thinking about water in a whole new way, and while you are soaking it all in, check out some of the career profiles in this section too – there might just be a career here for you.

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