Future Morph & You

This site has been designed to show young people that science and maths related subjects can equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to make them employable in the future job market, whether they become scientists or engineers, or move into other areas of employment.

Future Morph is intended to help kids explore and research the breadth of career opportunities that are available to them, inspiring them to feel able to influence their own futures and to become whoever they want to be.


For all kids:

My Future Finder – A series of articles and case studies relevant to various different areas of interest. Each article illustrates some of the many exciting careers linked to a particular topic, such as music festivals or third world development, and provides further links to job profiles, case studies and other careers websites.

Values game – Based on US research where a similar exercise was found to boost self-esteem and performance in exams, this game helps students reaffirm their own beliefs and values before exploring career options.

FAQs – Short answers to some common questions, tailored for each age group.



Kids age specific information:

11–13 year olds:

Interactive Quiz – A fun tool for the user to explore the variety of job roles where science and maths can be useful, this could be anything from a chef to a food scientist.

Studying science – Information on studying science and in particular, advice on GCSE or S grade options.

Why study science? – Highlights examples of the role of science in the world today.


14–16 & 16+ year olds:

Next steps 14-16/ Next steps 16+ – Information on the various HE or FE options available to students beyond school including apprenticeships, diplomas, degrees etc.

Finding careers advice – Explains where to go for advice and gives sources of general careers information, advice and guidance.

Placements & work experience – Advice, support and some tips on how best to manage these.

Applying for courses – Information and guidance including completing application forms, writing a curriculum vitae or covering letter, interviews, aptitude tests and assessment centres.

Applying to Higher Education – Information and advice to enable students to carry out their own research into which course they should study and where they should apply to, whilst also encouraging them to compare the entry requirements for each course to make sure it is the right choice for them.