STEM careers activity pack

Welcome to the Future Morph – STEM Careers Activity Pack for parents. This pack has been designed specifically with parents in mind so that you can work through the activities with your children and help to show them the relevance of science and maths, not only in their future careers, but in their everyday lives.

We are hoping that you encourage your children to work their way through some (if not all!) of the activities within this pack, where they will come across some of the amazing and unexpected places that studying science, technology, engineering and maths can take them.

Once they have completed the activities, don’t forget that the Future Morph website will still be here and can help them to really think about their future career.

If you haven’t already, please do browse the parents section in full to help you assist your children in making their future career decisions and finding out the best options for them. We have information on help & advice, financial assistance and work experience – to name but a few! Our door is always open so feel free to log on and explore.

The careers activities that we have included in this pack include:

  • Careers postcards
  • Quiz the scientist
  • Science and Maths – see where they can take you
  • What might you be? – game
  • Values game – who are you?
  • My Future Finder
  • Future Morph poster
  • Future Morph questionnaire

Most, if not all, of these activities do require you to go to the Future Morph website but if that is not possible they can always be adapted for your own use. Please make them your own and who knows where the future will take your children…