STEM from the City

STEM from the City was a pilot careers event for year 9 students from across the City of London and beyond. It aimed to show that choosing STEM (science, technology, engineering & maths) post-16 leads to tonnes of exciting and diverse careers. Don’t worry if you’re not from London though, we’re here to make sure STEM from the City can still help you. After all, science and maths don’t just have a massive impact in London; they’re essential to cities all over the world!

The event was held in June 2014 and involved a combination of exhibitions and workshops investigating just how useful STEM qualifications are. It was run in collaboration with the City of London and highlighted how important science and maths are to the City of London itself.

Explore the areas below to find out more about the exhibitors, the workshops, and other exciting information from the event.

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  • Exhibitors

    Science is used across all sorts of organisations in the City of London, and the exhibitors are there…

  • FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions from the event – coming soon!

  • Balloon Debate

    The Balloon debate is a fun, interactive event where 4 STEM professionals are hurtling towards the ground in a…

  • Volunteers

    At STEM from the City over 100 different STEM occupations and roles were represented, showing just how incredibly…

  • Media

    Weren’t there on the day? Or were you there and fancy trying to spot yourself on camera? Then…