City Environment


CIBSE Young Members exhibiting projects from their engineering firms to give an insight into what building services engineering is and the different routes into the industry. The display will give an indication of the different disciplines within building services engineering and the typical daily problem solving involved.

Hampstead Heath Ponds Project

The Hampstead Health Ponds may look natural, but most are actually formed from dams that are up to 300 years old! These dams stop North London from flooding, but work needs to be done to prevent them from failing during stormy weather. This is where the Ponds Project comes in – looking at improving the dams with the help of Atkins, who are the engineering & landscape designers, and BAM Nuttall, who are the constructors. We’ll have representatives at our stand, ranging from a Landscape Architect to an Engineer to a Site Agent, who would love to answer questions all about the Ponds Project!

Institute of Horticulture/ The Worshipful Company of Gardeners/ Grow

Interested in plants, food or the environment? Then a career in horticulture could be for you! Explore the new website, especially designed for students, and visit the stand to find out more about how you can grow a career in horticulture!

IET: How Quick are You?

The Institute of Engineering and Technology: Engineering for a better future. The stand will feature competitions to test the speed of your reactions and calculate the average of your results, as well as the opportunity to build some simple electronic torches which you can take away with you. From the handouts that will be available you will be able to find out and explore where electrical engineering and electronics can lead you.


The International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation. ITOPF is a not-for-profit organisation established on behalf of the world’s shipowners to promote an effective response to marine spills of oil, chemicals and other hazardous substances. They are the rapid response group and employ many different types of engineers and scientists.

Royal Society of Chemistry: Careers in Chemistry

We will be showcasing the Royal Society of Chemistry’s new careers website, allowing students to see how chemistry is used in their day-to-day lives. Students will be able to explore the website and read careers profiles of people who work in various industries. They can also find out about the various career paths that are open to them if they want a career in science.

The Worshipful Company of Salters

The Salters’ Institute, founded in 1918, is the flagship charity of the Salters’ Company, ranked 9th in order of the Twelve Great City of London Livery Companies. The Institute aims to promote the appreciation of chemistry and related sciences amongst the young, and to encourage careers in the teaching of chemistry and in the UK chemical and allied industries. In addition to running the Salters’ Festivals of Chemistry, Salters’ Chemistry Camps and Curriculum Development, the Institute has established a series of annual Awards and Prizes to celebrate high levels of excellence within the science education sector which include the SALTERS-CLEAPSS National Awards for Science Technicians, Salters’ Graduate Prizes and Salters’ A level Prizes. The recipients of these Awards excel in their chosen fields and we are pleased to welcome some of our Winners to share their wealth of knowledge and information about their careers at this event.